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Our Story

We started a family business in 2012, offering supplements for the human market. Soon after we started, we realised that there was a growing demand for supplements aimed at horses, dogs and cats, and just how prohibitively expensive they were!


We went on to set up Equicure with the help of one of our friends who has looked after horses all his life. We had the ambition to provide a range of natural products that would be better than anything that else on the market. Over the first 18 months, we designed unique blends to offer alongside other recognised feed supplements and tested them on various horses with glowing feedback. 

After more than six years of focusing on the human supplement market, Equicure Ltd has now been established for over three and a half years. With consistent excellent feedback, we continue to use only the highest quality of human grade ingredients, confident that you and your horse will be completely satisfied. We firmly believe there should be no compromise on cost or quality for you or your horse!

As a family over the last 20 years we have established two award winning businesses and helped others start many more. Throughout this time, our experience is that customer satisfaction is priceless, and we pride ourselves on the level of service that we offer. 

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